There are lots of happy plants in the green house now, and a few …  ehhhhh, not so much.  My purple majesty millet is getting pretty big, but I think it needs a little somethin’.  A lot of its leaves are pretty pale looking.  I gave one tray a quart of diluted fish emulsion for a perker-upper to see what happens.  Jeeze, is that nasty-looking stuff.  I had a septic tank pumped out once and the resemblance is strong.

Getting kind of full in here

Getting kind of full in here

I’m also having an issue with my digitalis.  Some of the seedlings are scrawny and struggling, with pale leaves and green veins.  I sought some help with this and my problem may be (1) It’s too hot for them in the greenhouse (2) They are lacking iron (3) I’ve kept them too waterlogged and the little beggars are drowning (4) Some combo of one through three, or (5) Something else.  I gave them a shot of iron, and am trying to keep them cooler and dryer.  So far most of them still look like little sad sacks, though one is quite big and healthy-looking.  Odd, huh?

How nice that it is good and truly spring now in the north country.


Now, two weeks later, there really is some green to look at.  You can see spinach in the bucket along with digitalis camelot, knautia, blue bedder salvia, and dianthus amazon in the trays.


I have to confess that I’m really growing these under lights inside, except for the spinach, and just bringing them out in the greenhouse for short periods of time.  We are still having nights in the 20s and I can’t trust my water buckets to keep it from freezing in there.  According to the maximum/minimum thermometer I have in the greenhouse, it has gone down to 30 right on top of the buckets a couple of times.  I believe that the water in the buckets is just not getting very warm during the day.  I could add a little heater at night.  I’ll have to do something soon, since, as of today, I have twelve flats of plants started, which uses all the room I have under the lights.