I’m a retired teacher, and lately I have been getting into growing and selling cut flowers in my small northern Michigan community.

One little detail — I call this ThinMan’s blog because I use that name a lot in some online forums.  My username here is thinmac because thinman was taken.  Either way is OK, though, since I am both a thin man and a thin mac ( a little scottish ancestry here).


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Hans Lain Says:

    How is your green house doing at night with cooler temps? I am pondering a greenhouse for my back yard and looking at different options and wondering about how it will do in the winters(Portland, OR area here). We don’t get much sun so I am wondering if I need an electric heater.

    Nice green house you built there! Definitely gives me ideas.


  2. thinmac Says:

    Thanks, Hans. I don’t use the greenhouse in the dead of winter, but if I did, I would definitely expect a need for a heater. I have a hundred gallons or so of water in buckets inside, and if the day has been sunny, the temp inside seems to stay above freezing when outside temps get down into the mid to high twenties. That pretty much covers the conditions I get in early April when I start using the greenhouse.


  3. pronto Says:

    please thin man, i ve got a project like d seed planter u ve got, bt i ve a challage. i dont ve a clue on how d planter wud eject 3 seeds at a tym, tried so many tyms and got almost all d seed pourin out, help me out please

  4. thinmac Says:

    Pronto – I’m afraid that your problem requires more engineering skills than I have. Sorry I can’t help.

  5. re silc Says:

    thin: you still out there? I did finish my barn build in Vermont and learned much from you. What JD tractor do you have and still like it?

  6. thinmac Says:

    Yep, still kicking. How did the building go? I enjoyed the heck out of building mine and still love looking out at it from my house. So glad I didn’t go with a generic steel-sided, low pitched steel-roofed box. If you have any pics of your barn you could share, I’d love to see them.

    My John Deere is a 4310. It has 32hp and I think it was made in 2002. I have about 1200 hours on it and it’s still going strong. The heated cab and front-mounted snowblower are awesome in the winter, though sometimes I wish I had the loader back on. Can’t eat your cake and have it too, I guess. So yes, I like it a lot. I do drool over some of the newer models with a factory cab (Mine’s a Curtis.). The only thing I wish I could change is the noise level, but that seems to go along with all the diesel tractors. I wear hearing protectors when I use it — kind of a pain. I believe the factory cabs are quieter.
    Good luck with your tractor search.

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