It turns out that a greenhouse is a great place for a little boy to play in the dirt.  Our 3 1/2 year old grandson, JMM, was here yesterday, and, as usual, wanted to take his toy tractors and trucks outside to push dirt around and make cool tire tracks.  It was 32 F out there, so he and I put on some warm duds and, miniature machinery in hand, headed for the best dirt patch, out by our small barn.

The cold breeze soon had me thinking of a escape plan, and I had my Aha! moment.  JMM was agreeable, the sweet little guy, so off we clomped.  The greenhouse felt like a sauna (okay, it was really 54 F) compared to outside.  Off came our hats, jackets, and gloves, and J got down to some happy dirt moving.

We will be doing that again.