So I have this new small greenhouse, and now I have room for about 32 trays of plant starts instead of the 12 that I could fit in when I was using only lights in my basement.   Maybe I should have just bought more lights.  Check out the photo below.

5 trays of zinnias

5 trays of zinnias

The front-most tray has Benary’s orange zinnias.  The next three back are Benary’s scarlet, mix, and yellow zinnias.  The back-most tray has Oklahoma mix zinnias.    They were all planted at the same time, but when I moved the zinnias to the greenhouse, the orange ones got left under the lights because there wasn’t room in the greenhouse.  Look at them now.

In my previous state of ignorance, I would have expected just the opposite, thinking the zinnias would just love the greenhouse and the ones left behind would sulk and fail to thrive.  Nope.

As I mentioned two posts ago, I’ve had trouble keeping the greenhouse from heating up into the 90s (F), whereas the basement is a pretty constant 70F.  I suppose that must account for the difference.    Unless Benary’s orange are gigantic compared to the other colors.   I kinda doubt that.